He who tries will succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin?

- Bitcoin is a digital currency (or crypto-currency). No one controls it, it is completely decentralised and is (almost) anonymous. For more info, please visit: bitcoin.org

Isn’t Bitcoin a scam? I heard it recently crashed.

- We are not here to advertise Bitcoin. We think it can be fun to have a Bitcoin as a prize for our game. Currently, the estimated value of a Bitcoin is $.

How can I access the Bitcoin?

- You need to recover the wallet.dat file that is located in your game’s files.

What is a wallet.dat file? How do I recover it?

- A wallet.dat file is a file that contains the private keys required to unlock the wallet. It has been encrypted with a 24 words-long password using the BitcoinCore client. By playing MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma and solving all the enigmas, you will be able to decrypt the password.

Does the game use my PC to mine Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency while I play?

- No this game does not mine any Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

How do I know this is really MonteCrypto's wallet?

You can verify for yourself a message that we signed by clicking here and copy/paste our info:

- Here is our address: 19mb9mZ1w953zBd7viHwWK2ZhPmcbMQh4Q

- Here is our signature: H6KCol1DVou0x4M47fjUMmH7TdHlxumCpcH4jTN0sbfmK9MWcq3TV769OOPCbiq/iMchuBxm//ixyMoHkhRbWDs=

- Here is our message: MonteCrypto

I can’t seem to find the answer to an enigma. Where can I get some help?

- Try googling it!

Can I record and/or stream footage of MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma, including for monetary gain?

- Yes, of course!

Nice music! Can I buy it somewhere?

- Of course! You can purchase it here: MonteCrypto OST

How difficult is this game?

- We would say it’s fairly simple. If you are an ASI. Otherwise, this game must be amongst the hardest you’ve ever played.

Who is the team behind all of this?

- We will reveal ourselves once the Bitcoin prize has been claimed.

Will I still be able to play after someone has won the Bitcoin?

- Yes you can. Although you’ll no longer be able to win the bitcoin, you can continue to play the game and try to solve the enigma for yourself. The game allows players to leave messages for all to see. Once the game is solved this feature will be frozen and the game will become a museum showing the paths and struggles that led to finding the password and getting the Bitcoin. Regarding the story of MonteCrypto, it may not be totally over.

I’m looking for a clue on this page, please tell me there where it is.

- Try looking at the source code maybe?…


- All password words are in lower case.

Final words?

- This link: https://github.com/gurnec/btcrecover/

It might come in handy.